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Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Group

At its 2023 Annual Meeting the Board agreed terms of reference (ICR(23)14) for its Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) to identify potential research priorities.

The SAG was asked to:

  • develop a prioritised list of research needs / topics that the Board may consider directing
    resources towards to advance the understanding of the drivers of Atlantic salmon marine
    mortality; and
  • for each research need identified, provide a brief assessment of how the expected information
    gained could be applicable to the development of management options that could help mitigate
    the impact of marine mortality on stock productivity.

The SAG are meeting virtually today to consider research needs/topics for the Board. This is the first session of the meeting.

More information and papers from the Inter-Sessional SAG meetings can be found on the Twenty-Second Annual Meeting (2023) page of the website.