North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization | est 1984

EU Funded Research

The EU funds research projects in Regional Fishery Management Organizations through the EU ‘Grants for an action’ programme. NASCO, through the International Atlantic Salmon Research Fund, is the beneficiary and the NASCO Secretariat administers, and is financial co-ordinator for, the projects. Projects funded under this mechanism are listed below.

SMOLTrack Projects 

In this set of projects, salmon scientists have tagged and tracked salmon smolts and kelts with both acoustic, radio and PIT tags. To date, nine countries are participating and the project covers the entire distribution area within the EU (from Portugal in the South to Finland in the North). SMOLTrack I, SMOLTrack II, SMOLTrack III and SMOLTrack IV are complete. SMOLTrack V commenced in June 2023, and will end in April 2025.

The SMOLTrack website provides further information.

More information on the SMOLTrack Projects can be found at


Sea lice model for the sustainable development of Atlantic salmon fisheries and aquaculture. January 2017 – September 2019.


Co-ordinated environmental DNA (eDNA) surveillance programme for pink salmon in the European Union. November 2023 – October 2026.