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Research Inventory

The inventory of Research Relating to Salmon Mortality in the Sea, which was established in 2002 and is updated annually, is an essential tool in the development of research priorities for potential funding and in better coordinating existing research efforts. Projects in the inventory are allocated to one of the following five topic areas:

  • Long term monitoring e.g. time-series of marine survival/growth estimates.
  • Life history/biological processes e.g. freshwater factors; pre-fishery-recruitment factors.
  • Distribution/migration in the sea e.g. post-smolt surveys; migratory behaviour.
  • Development of methodse.g. post-smolt survey methods; electronic tag technology.
  • Specific natural and anthropogenic factors e.g. fish farms; predation; obstructions.
Long term monitoring
Life history / biological processes
Distribution / migration in the sea
Development of Methods
Specific natural and anthropogenic factors
Courtesy of Gilbert van Ryckevorsel
Courtesy of Marine Institute, Ireland
Courtesy of SSPO, Scotland

In 2009, a comprehensive review of the information contained in the inventory was undertaken to identify areas where there may be merit in encouraging improved coordination of research and to highlight gaps in the research programme where new work might be undertaken. Read more ... A further review was undertaken in 2012. Read more...

The 2017 inventory includes 53 on-going projects, with expenditure of approximately £6.9 million per annum and 86 completed projects. The 2017 and previous (2006 - 2016) inventories can be viewed by selecting the links below.